Canadian Seniors Association


Mission statement

Children, Seniors, and Adults working together to improve societies' physical and emotional health care resources through a Legacy teaching culture. 


1.  To incorporate all generations collectively together to review and make recommendations to updating the Health Care Act to reflect our current century and to evolve with time. 

2.  To advocate with the Federal government to include a special funding formula to include a long term and specialized care service along with emotional health care resources. 

3. To promote creativity and innovation by conducting pilot projects with the participation of seniors, families, community partners, staff, and students in applied research and professional development studies. 

4. To engage participants and stakeholders in the formulation and development of public policy to alter the current culture which lacks a people centered model of care. 

5. To foster a positive image and challenge the current process in the delivery of health care teaching models. 


 For Our Seniors to live with dignity and respect , experiencing the full expression of their independence, personhood and potential. 


 “A Legacy Teaching Culture.”

Legacy - we honour, respect and recognize individuals in their diversity, culture, history, and ability to contribute to the fullness of life.

Teaching - we actively support and share with each other in their endeavors to achieve their personal best.

Culture - we value happiness, joy, laughter, and smiles. - the expression of the human spirit in all its forms. 

What is CSA?

 Canadian Seniors Association is a not for profit social organization that provides a variety of people centered care education resources along with a voice for our aging population.

The Three Pillars

Research , Rehabilitation, and Resources

A Letter from the president


“The Story of Bill”

Canadian Seniors Association is positioned and poised to grow into an impactful national organization with People Centred Care Always Events®. Always Events® are defined as procedural and substantive actions that should accompany every resident or patient experience. Always Events® are the provider actions/practices that create an Always Experience® for residents/patients/families and staff. C.S.A’s mission is to “Seize Moments In Life Everyday”.

From its heartfelt beginnings in a small private long term care home in South Western Ontario in 2002 the “Story of Bill” has been shared nationally in recognition and support of a one resident’s courageous battle to positively transform the culture of long term care in terms of the psycho social skills required to achieve a People Centred approach to care. When Bill and I first met back in 2002 he shared with me that he no longer wanted to feel shamed anymore. The Always Events® & Experience that meant the most to Bill was that he would one day be able to walk to the washroom and go independently on his own once again. Bill further shared with me that he wanted all the residents and healthcare workers living at this home and in long term care that they could make in a difference in the life of others everyday always. 

C.S.A’s goal is to raise money and awareness to continue to fund the research to further develop this People Centred Care leadership training tool entitled W.R.A.F.T. (Wounds, Restraints, Abuse, Falls Training) along with F.A.C.E (Friendly, Aging, Community, Environments). This leadership training tool engages the individual and caregivers in identifying the psycho social skills required to meet the evolving complexity of care to further enhance the deliver and services more effectively and efficient during this pivotal time in healthcare. 

Denise Bedard, President

Published on July 8, 2015